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Bulletin Article 12/9/2018
Raising Children with Values

I suppose every generation provokes various responses from their parents and grandparents as they grow. Somehow a set of values shows up that defines a generation. Our culture has made this generational definition into an art form. We talk about Boomers and Xers and Millenials and so on.

Two things have always been true.
1) Parents and family are the key to raising children with the right values.
2) The world has always presented an intense challenge to doing it right.

Paul talks about the "god Of this age" (2 Corinthians 4:4) blinding the minds of the unbelievers. The god of the age when Paul wrote is the same god of the age we struggle against today. Sometimes it is easier to use hindsight to discern value choices between desirable and dangerous.

The trouble with hindsight is that you don't have it while raising your kids. You make choices with eternal consequences completely in the now. Some of the battles are easy to see. For at least five decades our times have devalued family across the board. Abortion, divorce, kids outside of marriage, gender confusion are among the larger results of eroding family values.

We need to make sure our approach to church provides the support necessary as the parents among us make their choices and continue the struggle.