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Bulletin Article 11/18/2018
Special Contribution

Last Sunday Michael Olson announced a special contribution we will be collecting on behalf of John Schadegg and his family. They are planning to move to Ecuador in January '19.

The Schadeggs were traveling through Springfield and stopped to spend the night with the Olsons. They have a friendship dating back years and vouch for each other. Based on Michael and Audra's personal recommendation Steve and I considered some form of support for their mission.

At the current time we did not think it wise to take on a regular financial obligation. In the near future we feel the congregation needs to consider our overall approach to missions. We have a long term relationship with Caring for Kenya and Carl Burkeybile. As this is already an outreach to rural based indigenous populations perhaps we need to consider adding some mission in a larger city. More about this in several months.

While not getting involved with Schadeggs on a regular basis, we did want to send them on their way in a manner that honors God. (You may want to read 3 John, verses 5 through 7 for background on that thinking.) The funds we collect will be purposed towards their shipping container expense (roughly $3,500) with any overflow going towards their transportation needs in the country.

Michael and Audra can tell you more about the family. Please purpose an amount to give on Dec. 9 to help encourage this family.