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Bulletin Article 8/12/2018

"At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures."
Titus 3:3

There is a certain way we are supposed to treat everyone. (see Titus 3:2) I don't always live up to the standard, but I do realize the difference is huge. The verse above describes the way the world is. We aren't that anymore. At least, we are trying to be totally different.

Most people would be offended if you called them a fool or suggested that their general lifestyle was based on deception. That must be why this teaching is from a letter directed to believers as opposed to a sermon directed to "them." I want you to focus on the "all kinds Of passions And pleasures" part. Even people with no knowledge of God realize the pitfalls of becoming enslaved to passion or uncontrolled pleasures. 

People might call that addiction in today’s terminology. We hear about all kinds of addiction: substances, relationships, sex, exercise and so on. Whichever kind someone would discuss all sound about the same to me: enslavement to some kind of passion or pleasure.

Jesus is a real answer to that mistaken kind of lifestyle. We just need to believe and obey. I guess the real foolish part would be to know the truth, realize the way up to a better life, and choose to stay the way the world would have you. We can live a far more credible life that that!