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Bulletin Article 6/17/2018

How good are we at speaking praise to God? I don’t mean saying "praise God," but how good are we at looking at something in our lives and saying, "God being all-powerful has put me in a good situation, and for that I’m thankful."

It is easier for some people to speak this way than others. For me, this is a difficult thing to do. I’m used to giving the credit to chance or good luck whenever something good happens to me instead of thanking God for what has happened to me. Whenever people who are more comfortable speaking godly praise use that kind of language around me I often get uncomfortable and respond inappropriately or not at all. I struggle with passages like Revelation 4 where we see beings speaking praise to God instead of singing praise like I am used to.

It’s a goal of mine that whenever someone gives me a compliment to redirect it to God. Instead of simply saying thank you what I want to do is bring into the conversation that God is greater than I am and that whatever it is that I may have done, it is because I was given the ability or opportunity by God. How good are we at speaking praise to God? My hope is if we are not good, that we get better at it.